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The dog necklace

The Dog Necklace Jewellery

Clover necklace

Clover Necklace Jewellery

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Pearl jewelry series

It’s one of the oldest pieces of jewellery.

It symbolizes happiness, peace and auspiciousness

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pearl necklace
Luxury selection AAA freshwater aquaculture single product pink pearl pendant rose gold necklace jewelry, gift jewelry for girlfriend, bestie birthday gift.

Pearl string necklace
SNH 100% genuine pearl necklace 7mm full round AA pearl necklace free shipping, women matching fashion accessories, noble luxury jewelry quality assurance.

Pearl petal ring
Flower design genuine diamond ring 11mm natural seawater pearl ring 18K platinum  wedding birthday gift ring for women boutique jewelry.

pearl earring
Bix Korean classical geometric gold earrings 19 stylish minimalist acrylic statement long pendant pearl string earrings pendant pendant for women jewelry.
Pearl feather earrings
Retro long-chain fringed Simlated pearl leaf feather earrings for women wedding and wedding pierced jewelry for birthday gift Brinco EB287.



Pearl bracelet

On July 11, 1893, Mikimoto Yuki looked at his wife Ume’s hand and saw something sparkling. This is his first success in artificially cultured pearls – the culmination of a long and arduous pearl farming process. The birth of artificial pearls represents an important new development for women around the world. Until that moment, pearl jewelry was specially decorated in the hands of royal aristocrats and nobles. But now, women all over the world can enjoy the exquisite beauty of pearl jewelry. Each pearl jewellery has its own unique beauty, and the production of elegant pearl jewellery wedding involves a careful process of arranging and rearranging a series of individual pearls. We spend a lot of time making every beautiful pearl jewellery. As a favorite of pearl jewelry, the pursuit of beauty is our non-transferable commitment.


Diamond jewelry series

Diamonds jewellery for inspiration palette.

 One hundred years professional realization classic eternal

diamond jewelry

Diamond leaf ring
Silver 925 handmade olive leaf ring for women exquisite CZ stone silver 925 adjustable ring jewelry for girlfriend’s birthday gift.

diamond ring
IPARAM pattern twist rope twist ring plated rose gold and silver micro cubic zirconia tail ring fashionable women jewelry set diamond exquisite .

diamond ring

1.75ct AAA Zircon Engagement Ring for women Rose gold color Wedding ring  anel Austrian Crystals woman jewelry top quality.

diamond ring

ZHJIASHUN Classic 0.5CT Moissanites diamond halo 14k 585 women platinum wedding ring women jewelry flowerlike engagement ring band exquisite.

diamond ring

19 Classic Luxury Real Solid 925 Sterling Silver Ring 3Ct 10 Hearts Arrows Zircon Wedding Jewelry Ring xixi jewellery Engagement For Women.



Our quest for perfect diamonds has motivated us to go beyond all other standards and create a new language that portrays the brilliance of diamonds. Each diamond on the timeless and elegant diamond women jewelry has been hand-selected, each with its own unique story. Only by surpassing our strict standards and the most mysterious diamonds can we become our woman jewelry collection. Our xixi jewellery uses the mysterious character of natural diamonds to present the feminine essence of every rare treasure symbol in a continuous, fluid shape. We create elegant jewellery for outstanding women, and only her diamond xixi jewellery can set off its glamour, which is our proud goal. Each diamond jewellery begins with an instant of aura, and then transforms our diamond into a eager design. We use our expertise to combine the beauty of each diamond jewellery with the perfect jewellery mix.


Rose gold bracelet

Rose gold women jewelry was deeply loved by people in recent years, because it not only looks expensive gas, the price also will be more cheap than gold, diamond, it is already a well known jewelry color in the new period, not only high-end atmosphere, more have a special aura, a more personal temperament, special lady consumers’ hearts.This gold-plated animal lover jewelry exquisite noble, very texture.Small and exquisite, wear simple, but do not break generous.It’s also a classy birthday gift, a great way to get a girlfriend or girlfriend, or a gift for yourself.The implication of this bracelet xixi jewellery: one day, you will put down a little regret and regret, take love and start a new life.

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Diamond bracelet

Bracelet is extremely fashionable and ornamental fashionable common women jewelry, traditional bracelet material mainly has silver bracelet, gold bracelet, gem bead string bracelet jewellery, and as the young people’s pursuit of fashion, and the change of consumption concept, diamond bracelet is more and more welcome by the market.Diamond animal lover jewelry be called “keep love”, ancient men will make a bracelet jewellery  to his wife as a birthday gift, to show that she is their own person, to prevent others from covet.Each style has been given a different meaning. The bracelet jewellery contains a beautiful vision of pure love, a firm commitment to never give up, and a romantic plot of walking hand in hand.



xixi jewellery
Earrings xixi jewellery animal lover jewelry are beautifully designed and attractive to wear, but they also work well with our other jewelry to create a unique style.The design is delicate and small and straight, pendant type swing catches the eye and gorgeous big sway is made of high-quality metal xixi jewellery, gem or other materials, at the same time, also little not how much money 925 years 14 k gold or silver rise well and close the swing design of setting different gem, animal lover jewelry played an important role in women jewelry.

women jewelry
We offer a wide range of ring, including timeless ring jewellery, commemorative animal lover jewelry, birthstone ring, cocktail ring and ring combinations — offering women the animal lover jewelry to wear xixi jewellery on any occasion.The ring is made of 14k gold, 925 silver, different colored stones and pearls.Most ring are easy to match with lines, and work well with other ring or the original series of ring, even when loaded separately,Ring have always played an important role in women jewelry.