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Gem world crystal style multi necklace jewelry


Gem story: eternal oath and love

Gardenia (eternal love and waiting)Gem world crystal style multi necklace jewelry

Legends of diamond is the tears of god, is the stars in the sky falling fragments of the earth, Cupid’s arrow of “love” on the arrows set full of diamonds, so just have love magic, diamond for everyone is a dream, an ideal and an image that married women will bring a diamond ring on the ring finger, ring finger is said to be straight is the pulse of the heart love, said forever love.

Gem world crystal style multi necklace jewelry


Gem story: the most pure and spotless girl smile

Flower world: pink rose (expecting a bright smile)Gem world crystal style multi necklace jewelry

In the legend, the pearl in the west is Venus, the goddess of beauty, who was born in a shell. When the shell was opened, the dew dropped from her body became a crystal pearl, symbolizing light and hope.Princess Diana once said, “if a woman can have only one piece of jewelry, it must be a pearl.” pearls complement each other with a woman’s gentleness and elegance, as if pearls are an essential part of feminine beauty.

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Precious stone story: the flame of fervent love

Flower world: red rose (hot love)Gem world crystal style multi necklace jewelry

In the legend, ruby was called the king of precious stones by the ancients, representing the sun.It appeared in the bible as the first stone on Aaron’s breastplate.It is also believed that the beautiful ruby represents integrity, happiness, courage, generosity and romance, and is described as “the blood flowing from the heart of the earth mother”.Ruby is the queen of gems.Can make the wearer enthusiasm, increase the beautiful elegant temperament.Attract the attention of lovers, let a person have the courage to face the future, thus symbolizing hot love.

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Gem story: noble and profound blue holy

Flower world: lily (holy)Gem world crystal style multi necklace jewelry

Sapphire and love complex have an indissoluble bond, often seen as the crystallization of pure love and the symbol of loyalty to the feelings.To lover, legend is infatuation can let the brilliance of sapphire more daze, and when one party changes heart among them, burnish can subsequently dim, disappear, and if make sapphire set ring to wear, will bring luck and perfect.



Gem story: send out the most noble light of the queen of the east

Flower world: winter cherry blossom (Oriental mystery and nobility)Gem world crystal style multi necklace jewelry

Amethyst is originally a symbol of nobility, elegance and power, beautiful amethyst, legend can give people luck and wisdom, with this wonderful power, can create a lot of incredible things.Amethyst is the birthstone of February. At the same time, as valentine’s day is in February, amethyst naturally becomes a gift given by lovers to each other, a token of love, and a symbol of lasting love.

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Gem story: sherry wine like warm friendship

Flower world: oleander (deep friendship)Gem world crystal style multi necklace jewelry

Topaz stone, often called topaz, symbolizes peace and friendship and is known as the “stone of friendship”. It is the birthstone of November, expressing people’s desire to live in friendship for a long time.The sun-like glow of the yellow topaz gives warmth and wisdom.Many ancient peoples used it as a talisman.It is said that wearing it can eliminate sadness, stabilize the mood, avoid evil spirits and drive away evil spirits.

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