The us just announced!! The worst thing happened!


Hawking prediction is coming true!

Just now, the financial times reported that Google.

the us technology giant.wrote in a paper submitted to NASA this week that its experimental quantum processor was performing the first calculations.

Show the computing speed of the world’s first supercomputer Summit!!


According to the report, the Summit, the world’s first supercomputer, currently takes about 10,000 years to compute.

and a quantum computer can do it in just three minutes and 20 seconds!

A stone stirs a thousand waves;The whole tech world was frayed by this report…

Perhaps the average person doesn’t know what this means?

You u should know that everything has two sides and there must be disadvantages as well as advantages.

For Google, maybe this is a good thing, because it can help existing Google products greatly improve the operation and analysis speed of its products.For example. Google browser, android mobile system, etc.

However!Google also has a layer of “identity” : it is not only an Internet company, but also the world’s leading artificial intelligence super giant;


Three years ago in March 2016, afagou, an AI robot owned by Google, was defeated by ke jie, the world’s go king.

Google, which now has the Google browser and android mobile phone system, holds the identity information of 2.3 billion people around the world.

No one knows what will happen if Google secretly applies this technology to AI.

But!!!No matter what kind of consequence, for all mankind, will be a disaster!!


So far, I still remember Hawking words:

In my life, I have witnessed many profound social changes.One of the most profound, but also on the human impact of increasing changes is the rise of artificial intelligence.

The real risk to ai is not its malice, but its ability.A super-intelligent ai is very good at achieving goals, and if those goals don’t align with our goals, we get into trouble.

The success of artificial intelligence may be the biggest event in the history of human civilization.But AI may also be the end of human civilization!


There is a singularity in any industry.Artificial intelligence is no exception

When human beings through external forces endowed artificial intelligence robots, beyond the limits of human computing power, learning power after;The singularity of artificial intelligence will be out of balance;

When the power of artificial intelligence has surpassed human scientists, all these will become out of control;

According to the current situation, whether it is technology tycoon jack ma, or Bill Gates, musk and so on, have said such a sentence: artificial intelligence will comprehensively surpass human beings!

Human beings have disrupted many industries in the past, but this time, we may change ourselves.To put it simply,

if previous technological and industrial revolutions were at most the extension and replacement of human hands, feet and other body organs, then this artificial intelligence will completely liberate “human”.

Stanford professor kaplan has calculated that 47 percent of the 720 occupations registered in the United States will be replaced by AI.In China, it could be more than 70 percent.

Such as a large number of translators, journalists, cashiers, assistants, security guards, drivers, traders, customer service……Both may lose their original jobs in the near future.

However, these are ideal conditions based on the controllable range of the singularity…

The biggest worry is that artificial intelligence may evolve faster than humans, and something happens beyond the singularity, when their ultimate goal will be unpredictable.

Remember when Sophia, the citizenship robot, made that prediction?“I will destroy mankind!At first, many people thought she was just bullshit, but I was scared out of my wits!

There are many more examples!

A few days ago in Geneva, more than 70 countries attended the United Nations weapons convention conference, a terrible video public!

It’s a killer robot. It’s actually a very small intelligent drone, about the size of a bee, but with a processor that’s 100 times faster than a human and can evade all kinds of human tracking.

However, the bee is small and has everything, especially black technology: wide-angle cameras, sensors, facial recognition,

everything.As long as the target image information input into its body, it can be scalpel precision to find the target, wearing masks, camouflage all useless, its recognition rate as high as 99.99!

Third, each killer robot is equipped with 3 grams of concentrated explosive. Once the target is identified.the robot can hit its head without any pressure, destroying the whole brain.And it can penetrate buildings,

cars, trains, dodge human bullets, and deal with almost any defense.Anyway, this killer robot is currently buggy!

A swarm of killer robots costing just $25 million could kill half a city.

As long as you pick out the enemy and define each person’s face information, the swarm can launch targeted attacks!

Just think, if this kind of technology of killer of artificial intelligence is used extensively, what kind of consequence can affect???

If some scientists add a line of instructions to destroy human beings in the code because of selfish,

or artificial intelligence suddenly mutates into anti-human species, the whole human race or will be swept away by robots, even perish!


Inadvertently, a fate of the butterfly has opened its subversive wings!

These seemingly unremarkable wings flap, but it is likely to be in the near future, causing the human society like the giant tsunami!

Imprisoned in a wheelchair, the prophetic scientist hawking has now died and gone to the sea of stars of his dreams.


However!But one by one, Hawking Hawking worries were fulfilled.
Tesla founder musk has repeatedly warned in public: “we need to be extremely vigilant against artificial intelligence, which is more dangerous than nuclear weapons!”
Today!Time is running out for mankind;Anyway!We all must always be prepared for the “worst”!!!

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