JOKER is an American psychological thriller released in 2019. adapted from the eponymous role of DC Comics. directed by Todd Phillips and co-writer with Scott Schiff. Jacques Phoenix. Robert Deni Ronald. Shake Bates. Bill Kemp. Frances Conroy and Brett Karen starred.

JOKER first premiered at the 76th Venice Film Festival on August 31, 2019. and won the highest honor Golden Lion Award. The film was released in the United States by Warner Bros. on October 4, 2019.

movie plot

In 1981, middle-aged man Arthur Fleck became a clown for his work. Arthur lived in Gotham City with his mother, Penny Fleck. Gotham City is sinking because of garbage accumulation, unemployment, crime and economic depression, causing some people to fall into poverty and lose their basic rights. Arthur sufferedfrom a nervous system disorder that caused him to laugh when he was out of date and was treated by a social welfare agency to get the drug. In one job, a group of children beat him in the lane, and Arthur’s colleague Blue Road loaned him a gun, hoping that he would be able to protect himself when he was bullied. When I got home and took the elevator, Arthur met the neighboring single mother Sophie Dumont, had a short conversation with her, and invited her to watch his stand-up comedy show, and then they started to associate.

When playing a child in a children’s hospital. Arthur’s gun accidentally fell out of the trousers. Arthur was dismissed for the illegal act of carrying a firearm in a children’s hospital. He also learned that the blue road lied to Arthur’s manager. Hoyt Vann, that the gun was bought by Arthur himself. While on the subway home. Arthur. still dressed as a clown. was beaten by three drunken Wayne employees. who shot and killed them in self-defense and then fled. The murderer of the subway murder was condemned by Thomas Wayne. and Thomas called the successful person a “clown.” Demonstrations against the wealthy in Gotham City began unintentionally. and protesters wore clown masks that represented the killers of the subway murder. Gotham City will stop subsidizing the social welfare service plan due to budgetary savings. making Arthur unable to continue to receive drugs.

Arthur’s stand-up comedy performance was not good. and he laughed on the stage and couldn’t get a good joke. Murray Franklin. a well-known talk show host. played Arthur’s performances on the show and laughed at him. Arthur secretly opened the letter that Panetto sent to Thomas Wayne. and learned from the letter that Penny declared that he was Thomas’s illegitimate son. and accused the mother of concealing the facts from him. At Wayne Manor. when Arthur met Thomas’s son Bruce Wayne and the butler Afford Panewworth. Arthur and Afford, Arthur grabbed Afu’s neck and then fled. When two police detectives from the Gotham City Police Department came to Arthur’s home in the investigation of the subway murder. Penny’s breathing was not smooth and the stroke was sent to the hospital.


At the charity gala, Arthur met Thomas in the toilet. and Thomas told him that Penny had a love paranoia. Arthur did not agree with Thomas’s words, so he went to the Arkham Asylum House to steal Pane’s past medical records and found that Penny adopted him when he was a baby. and allowed her boyfriend to abuse them when he was a child. Penny argues that Thomas used his influence to fabricate Arthur’s adoption and sent her to a mental hospital to cover up their love. Anxious Arthur came to the hospital and killed Penny with a pillow. Arthur returned to the apartment and entered Sophie’s residence without notice. frightened Sophie, and she begged him to leave. revealing that their previous experiences were Arthur’s own illusions.

Arthur was invited to Morrie’s show because of his burst of performances overnight. When he dressed himself and dressed for the show. his former colleagues Gary and Blueway visited him because he learned that Arthur’s mother had passed away. Arthur used the scissors to kill the blue road. and Gary was not killed because he used to treat him. On the way to the studio. two police detectives chased Arthur to a subway station filled with protesters dressed as clowns. When Arthur fled, one of the police detectives caused a riot due to the unintentional shooting of a protester.


Before the show began, Arthur asked Murray to introduce him to the “clown” and echoed Murray’s past ridicule. Arthur was warmly welcomed. but he began to talk about morbid jokes. confessing that he had committed a subway murder. and shouted out how the society abandoned and mocked him. Arthur shot Murray on the spot, and the police immediately arrested him, and the city of Gotham was experiencing riots. A mob shot Thomas and his wife Martha Wayne in the alley [Note 1]. A mob drove an ambulance into the police car carrying Arthur and released Arthur. Arthur noticed that blood flowed out of his nose. painted a smile on his face with blood. and danced his hands because of the cheers of the masses.

In the mental hospital, Arthur suddenly laughed and told his psychiatrist not to understand the joke. Subsequently. he left a bloody footprint in the corridor until he was chased by the hospital’s service staff at the end of the hall.

JOKER seems to want to express it to us. Anyone who has experienced a huge blow will become a madman, and everyone will be the same.



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