Jewelry can let a woman become extraordinary

Jewelry collocation

Beautiful, noble or elegant, but also can let women intoxicated, and even dream, so, no matter what age group of women should have a piece of jewelry belongs to their own.Temperamental success or failure looks modelling, and modelling success or failure depends on deserve to act the role of.

Jewelry collocation

(1) the color of Jewelry collocation

When the background of the necklace is skin, usually when wearing a deep v-neck, large round collar, the color of the necklace is the same as the clothes, or a color on the printed clothes.This kind of harmonious collocation makes dress and headgear mutual echo, color is harmonious, dress and headgear have integral feeling.

Jewelry collocation

(2) style of Jewelry collocation

Short necklaces – necklines with deep v-collars, large round collars, or button-down shirts are great for short necklaces.On the characteristics of the body is a long neck, long face is more suitable to wear a short necklace.

Long neckline – high collars, round collars, flat collars, or shirts that button up to the neck are appropriate for a long necklace.People with short necks and round faces also wear long necklaces to elongate their necks and faces.

Jewelry collocation

(3) quantity of Jewelry collocation

Jewelry shoulds not be overmuch, some clothes do not suit to wear necklace, for instance dress itself already had adornment, if enchase, or the design of dress is more complex, if lotus leaf gets.Say the dress is very simple commonly, can wear jewelry more, or wear the big jewelry that grabs an eye very much.Clothes are complicated, and jewelry is best kept simple, in both quantity and style.If you’re already wearing them, skip the necklace and don’t pile up too much jewelry too close. Instead, pair them with bracelets.

Jewelry collocation

(4) mixed matching of Jewelry collocation

Here gold refers to the color of gold is a variety of metals, silver refers to platinum silver class color.No gold earrings with a silver necklace, no gold watch with a silver ring.

(5) clear priorities

Clothes and jewelry should be prioritized and not compete with each other.If you have a piece of jewelry that really stands out, keep it low key and make it a foil to the pieces that stand out.If your clothes are eye-catching, match them with accessories. Make them green leaves.I personally because of the clothing advantage, I generally let the clothes play the leading role, let the jewelry become a worthy accessories.Many fashion designers now offer Jewelry collocation that goes perfectly with their collections.So I’d rather buy jewelry from a fashion designer than go to a jewelry store alone.

Jewelry collocation

(6) mix and match and transform

Changing Jewelry collocation every day is also my personal preference.I have jewelry that goes with almost every outfit. I don’t wear the same necklace, the same bracelet, the same ring all year round.I know some friends who wear the same jade pendant, the same gold necklace, the same jade bracelet all year round for good luck or to ward off evil spirits.Not only do I change my jewelry with my clothes every day, but I also have my wedding rings in gold and silver, and my watch every day.

(7). Refuse to be old-fashioned

Despite my age, I still haven’t started wearing the wedding gifts my mom gave me.If you wear gold, the color of 14K to 18K gold is better than pure gold.If you wear silver, platinum or stainless steel is more modern than pure silver.I like the jewelry that goes with the clothes.Classic clothes and fashionable jewelry make old women look not outdated.

Jewelry collocation

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