Do you know what’s the point of giving jewelry to a boy?

present for your girlfriend

Shakespeare said, “a jewel speaks not, but speaks more to a woman’s heart than any word.”For a piece of jewelry,
what is beautiful is not only its appearance, but also the deep feeling and special meaning it contains.In the jewelry world,
almost every kind of jewelry is closely related to love, and they all have their own love story.
Ms jewelry
Do you know the meaning of every piece of jewelry they give you?


ringMr ringPearl ring

In terms of love, the ring itself is the gift of marriage,
generally if there is no intention between men and women will not send the ring.
In real life, the most common is the male to the female friend giving this ring,
couples ring, absolutely is a reflection of the true meaning of love, women must be cautious to accept but has not been established relationship of boy ring,
this is the symbol of love, if really like each other, you can accept it carefully, but not to owe each other.
On the other hand,
if you do not love not to accept the other side, you should make a quick decision to return to the other side, and tell the truth, otherwise easy to owe emotional debt.





pearl necklace pearl necklace

Necklace is one of the most common gifts. When a boy gives a necklace to a girl, it means many things. For example,
I want to fall in love with you, and I want to accompany you and protect you.
With the necklace will be tightly tied in his side.
hope to be able to accompany the other side for a lifetime.
So when every male student encounters the girl that admire in the heart,
might as well send her a is a kind of implicative and do not break romantic profession form!




Mr BraceletSilver bracelet

In ancient times, men gave women bracelets as tokens of affection.Bracelet and bracelet although greatly different,
but they are worn on the wrist of a kind of jewelry. so small make up that your boyfriend gave you bracelet is a way to express love.
And bracelet meaning “lover”, it will be lovers two hearts tightly tied together,
your boyfriend gave you bracelet is also a hope that you can be long for a long time, not separated meaning.




A wreath of earringspresent for your girlfriend

There are many meanings of giving an earring, but usually there is a favorite interpretation of giving an earring: “I’m going to trap you.”Of course,some people say that the left earring is to commemorate youth and love, the right earring is the heart has (right) you.present for your girlfriend
But no matter present for your girlfriend, it is just a token of your heart,
and it represents your important position in his heart.
May all the girls be happy and find someone who is willing to give you a gift.

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